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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is Dr. Malta an employed physician?

A. No, Dr. Malta is in a solo, private practice of Internal Medicine. He works for you and wishes to maintain the doctor-patient relationship of the past.


Q. Is Medicare accepted?

A. Yes, his practice is compatible with Medicare. Your annual fee covers those services not reimbursed by Medicare. Your Medicare part B coverage will continue to work with this medical practice as it does currently.


Q. How does my insurance work in this practice?

A. Most insurance plans are compatible with your membership in the office. Your annual membership fee is for non-medical services not covered by health insurance or Medicare. You will still need to maintain your health insurance to cover all other healthcare needs. These include office visits, hospital stays and visits to specialists.


Q. What is the membership fee?

A. The fee for the personalized service is $165 per month/ $1,980 per year.


Q. Can I stop my membership and get a refund for the membership fee at any time for any reason?

A. Yes, you can stop your membership and get a pro-rated refund for the membership fee at any time for any reason by giving 30 days notice. It is the practice’s goal to assure that you are satisfied with the service provided. If you wish to stop the membership, simply write a letter to Dr. Malta requesting discontinuation of services.


Q. Does my insurance cover the annual membership fee?

A. No. The membership fee is for non-covered services and insurance does not reimburse for the annual fee.


Q. Do I have to pay the yearly fee all at once?

A. The yearly fee may be paid annually or semi-annually by check, or you can choose to pay monthly by automatic credit card payments with MasterCard or Visa.


Q. Can I use my HSA to cover my annual fee?

A. Possibly. You cannot pay the office directly from your heath savings account, but you may be able to receive reimbursement from your FSA/HSA. You will have to submit for reimbursement. You should check with your HSA administrator for assistance in this matter.


Q. Is my membership fee tax deductible?

A. No, because the fee covers non-medical amenities.


Q. Dr. Matthew Malta limits the size of his practice. What happens if his practice stops accepting new patients?

A. Membership is based on a first-come first-served basis. When the practice reaches capacity and is closed to additional patients, those individuals will be given the option of being placed on a waiting list.


Q. What if Dr. Malta is away from the office?

A. Dr. Malta will provide coverage to continue the same level of care to which you will be accustomed. He continues to maintain contact with the office even when he is away.


Q. What about family members and guests, are they included in my membership?

A. If you have out of town guests visiting for less than two weeks who become sick, Dr. Malta will see them for urgent matters.


Q. Is this type of practice right for me?

A. This will be a personal decision that only you can make. The membership fee may seem high to some, but is comparable to many everyday services for which we pay. The affordability is relative to what’s important to each individual. This type of practice has evolved from the challenges and limitations placed on the traditional medical practice. You must factor: How important is your health? Is it high on the list? Do you want to sit down with your doctor and discuss issues of vital importance in an unrushed setting? If so, this kind of practice is right for you.

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